Carte Glissades des Pays d'en Haut


440, ch.Avila, Piedmont
(Quebec) J0R 1K0


Latitude 74,12 degrees West
Longitude 45,87 degrees North


TEL : 450 224.4014
NC : 1 800 668.7951
FAX : 450 224.4947

From Montreal

Autoroute 15 north, exit 58 Piedmont.
Turn left and continue straight ahead.

For groups coming by bus, take exit 57, turn left at the end and then right on Chemin Avila just after the overpasss as the bridge at exit 58 is not accessible to buses

From Tremblant

Autoroute 15 south exit 60. Turn left at the stop sign (chemin du Lac Milette), turn left at the first traffic light (chemin Jean Adam), turn right on chemin des Hirondelles (across from Saint-Hubert Barbecue).Turn left on chemin Avila and keep going until you reach Glissades des Pays d’en Haut (our facility has a blue roof).