The Glissades Domaine des Pays d’en Haut has had a lot of experience with groups of 20 people and more. The organisation has built up a dynamic and responsible team for welcoming, providing information and monitoring the safety of our clients. It has also modified the facilities and increased safety to better serve clients. We offer comprehensive and well-organised services and are always responsive to the needs of our clients. So, why wait? Book now for a memorable day in the great outdoors!



20 people and over (excluding 4 yrs and under)
*Upon reservation only, and payment required 48h in advance.


Tubes only

4H Block


Depending on the season schedule.

Bout de chou


4 years and under

Adrenaline Experience

Tubing + Rafting + Tornade

4H Block


Depending on the season schedule.

bout de chou


4 years and under

Total Experience

Tubing + Rafting + Tornade + Bobsleigh + Vortex360

4H Block


Depending on the season schedule.
The Bobsleigh and Vortex360 close at 5pm.

Rate per person – Price before
Evening rate depends on closing time during Holiday season and Spring Break period.

Group packages
For groups of 20 or more (5 years and +).  Upon reservation only. Payable in full in one payment, 48h in advance.  No refund. You will select the type of slides as per our selection offer.

For more information, you can reach us by email at [email protected]

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