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Kindergarten1st grade2nd grade3rd to 6th gradeHigh school


Enter the number of persons (including adults) at each chosen type of ticket. You can choose more than one type of ticket within the same group.

Day pass (9am to 5pm)

Yeti Park*


Tubes, Rafting & Tornade

Tubes, Rafting, Tornade, Bobsleigh & Vortex360**


*Reserved area for kindergarten and 1st grade.
**Minimum height requirement of 52' for the Bobsleigh and Vortex360.

Groups must be a minimum of 20 people to qualify for the group rate. We provide 1 free ticket for every 20 tickets to accompanying adults who would like to help patrols enforce safety regulations. These rates are available only on weekdays, except for holidays and school breaks. Reservations and deposit required.



Details: For preschool, elementary and high school students. The prices are only available during weekdays, except for holidays and school breaks.

Opening of Bobsleigh and Vortex360 depending on weather conditions.