The Glissades des Pays d’en Haut is continually changing and improving. Our vast experience with state-of-the-art technology means increased client safety. Here are some of the ways safety is maintained throughout the site.

At the start of each run, the opening and closing of the safety barrier are operated by an employee, in one of our control stations.

Mountain code of conduct

The objective of the Mountain Code of Conduct is to promote responsible and courteous conduct among users of the facilities. It is important to know the rules before starting.

Use of lifts safely

On the magic carpet, remain standing until you reach the top. Hold your tube in a vertical prosition in front of you.
In the chairlift, hold your tube in front of you and lower the safety bar. When you reach the top, raise the bar and hold your tube high so that you do not trip, and quickly move to the exit.
For school groups, the chairlift is restricted to third graders and up.

Respect the guardrails!

Never go under a gate/guardrail. Always wait for the gate to be opened. Make sure the path is clear before starting your run.

Be safety conscious!

Remain seated in the tube until the end of the run. Only 1 person per tube. Never slide with your back to the run. To slide as a group, hold the rope of the tube in front of you until the end of the run. Respect the maximum number of people per group for each run (see diagram at the start of each run). Avalanche and Formula 1 sectors on top of the mountain are strictly reserved for experienced sliders of 1,32 meters (52 inches) tall and above. Please carefully read instructions specific for those sectors.

Exit lanes quickly!

Once at the end of the run, exit quickly by walking to the end of the trail. Make sure the paths are clear before crossing over.

Obey the signs!

Please read the signs carefully and respect the rules. Make sure to slide only in designated areas.
For your safety, do not play in the tube shed.

Rafting and Tornade Zone (open at 10 am)

Remain seated at all times going up and down the hill. Park the boat against the safety gate before sitting down. In the Tornade you must buckle up. Once at the bottom of the hill, bring back the boat close to the raft lift.
For school groups, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Bobsleigh and Vortex360 Zone (open at 10 am)

This area is restricted to people of 52’’ minimum height.
Stay seated during the entire run.
Wearing a helmet is compulsory for all riders. Helmets are provided at the base of the run. Please return them at the same location when finished.
Please wait for the signal of the attendant before sliding down. Make sure you buckle up safely. Do not tip the sleigh and hold on firmly.
Respect the rules indicated on panels and in the boats.

Be respectful !

Do not pass or push others in the waiting line. Before leaving at the end of the day, please bring back your tube just outside the tube shed.
Carrying or drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden. Illegal substances are also forbidden at all times on site.

We reserve the right to remove your ticket if rules are not followed

Have fun sliding !

Safety Signs

Several safety signs have been placed in strategic areas with the site rules and regulations. Please read them before your first descent. For tubing, pictograms at the start of runs illustrate the correct ways of tubing as well as the maximum number of persons permitted for a run (which could vary throughout the day) Runs at the second level are reserved for those measuring 52″ or more; two signs have been placed at the first level for measuring purposes before going up.

Surveillance Cameras

Control posts are equipped with surveillance cameras that allow patrols to have a complete view of each run in order to identify which are free and which are not.

Rapid Communication System

All patrols and first-aid attendants use two-way radios and can communicate on different frequencies very quickly. Patrols at control posts use the public address system. All patrol stations and lift stations are equipped with emergency phones.

Rafting/Tornade & Bobsleigh/Vortex360 zones: Maximum Security

The Rafting/Tornade and Bobsleigh/Vortex360 zones were designed with client safety in mind. Employees located at the base and the top of the slope ensure safety at all times. They communicate with each other with the help of two-way radios in order to control and signal departures and arrivals. In the Rafting/Tornade zone and for the Vortex360, each run is equipped with a safety barrier to prevent canoes from sliding down.


Each lift is inspected on a yearly basis. Operators at the bottom and top of lifts are always available to help clients who need help. They can stop the lift at any time with the provided emergency button. When there are numerous small children, we reduce the speed of the magic carpets in order to make it easier to get on and off.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Over the years, the Glissades des Pays d’en Haut has acquired state-of-the art equipment to ensure consistency of run speed and safety. Snow groomers are inspected on a yearly basis and a mechanic is permanently present to ensure that all runs smoothly. Several different techniques are used to maintain the state of runs according to our safety standards.


It is strongly recommended to wear a helmet.
Rental on-site ($). For Bobsleigh and Vortex360 the helmet is mandatory and provided at the bottom of the lift.

Young children

There is no minimum age restriction at our center. It becomes your judgement call. However, the tubing Avalanche and Formula 1 areas as well as the Bobsleigh and Vortex360 runs require a minimum height of 52’’ and savvy sliders. There is no such restriction in Rafting and Tornade, but young children must be accompanied by an adult. Tornade riders must be able to sit on their own and buckle up safely. This run is not recommended for children under the age of 18 months.