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Arthur and his wife Laurette, who were visionaries at heart, would be proud to see that the family tradition is being carried on by offering an experience that is both comforting and modernized. La Cabane’s distinctive culinary dishes are based on local products and are enjoyed in a breathtaking mountain setting. A unique venue, overflowing with gourmet pleasures.


A Place Steeped in History


The Cabane à Sucre Arthur Raymond is built and opened. Maple syrup is produced using buckets according to ancestral methods.


Expansion of the sugar shack to include evening dance parties and private events.


A new building is added to increase capacity.


Maple syrup production using a filling pipe.


Expansion of the kitchen and a new boiling room.


Acquisition by the children, who pursue the family traditions.


Major renovations of the log sugar shack.


The third generation joins the family venture as shareholders.


New access path to the sugar shack.


New name, new image, and new concept under the Domaine des Pays d’en Haut umbrella, part of the Raymond family property.

Three Generations
of Visionaries!

An integral part of the Laurentian heritage, La Cabane Arthur Raymond du Domaine des Pays d’en Haut is rich with memories, history, and passion. After 69 years of operation, our reputation for gourmet pleasures is well established. The charm of our iconic location has made La Cabane a favourite spot for gatherings between family and friends to enjoy a quintessential Québécois meal.

Decades of sugar shack meals, folk music, dancing, maple treats, joy, and happiness – La Cabane: the still-beating heart and soul of the family.

Thank you for contributing to our success since 1955!

Our Values and approach


Customer satisfaction

Respect and integrity

Happiness at work


Les Glissades’ management philosophy is to work while ensuring the quality of its services to guarantee an unforgettable experience. We work in collaboration with our employees to provide impeccable service. To be a provider of thrills and remain a destination of happiness, we aim to provide our customers with a feeling of excitement, leaving them with the desire for more. We invented our patented slides, while still retaining the love of family recipes from past generations, and we work together to offer a reinvented cultural variety.

Here, we find an open, participatory, and simple management style. Customers are encouraged to submit comments or suggestions aimed at improving our working methods in order to promote better services.

To fulfill our mission, it is important that our employees adopt a positive and professional attitude towards customers. We want our values to be a part of the DNA of all our employees and to help maintain a high level of quality at Domaine des Pays d’en Haut.

Communication with our customers is part of our daily lives. From the first few minutes, our client forms an opinion of the employees and the company with which they do business. We demand an exemplary, professional, and courteous attitude towards our visitors. It is important to show promptness, consideration, and kindness to our customers. We want our visitors to feel welcome from the moment they arrive until they leave.

Welcome To Le Domaine des Pays d’en Haut !