Info COVID-19

As of March 12, the vaccination passport will no longer be required to have fun at Les Glissades.

Until then, the vaccine passport is required for people aged 13 and over for the access to the site of Les Glissades. Be ready to show your vaccine passport and your photo ID at your arrival. For any questions related to the vaccine passport, please refer to the website.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you to your destination of pleasure.

The Mask is mandatory inside for people aged 10 and over to access the Chalet (Halte-Resto Versant Soleil, restrooms and rental Boutique ). No scarf, ski mask or neck warmer will be accepted.

The 1 meter physical distancing between people who do not live together must be respected in the queues and between the tables.

A face covering (neck warmer, mask, ski mask) is recommended in the queues and on the lifts. Visitors from the same household ar eencouraged to ride the lift together.

A maximum of 10 people per table (or 3 households) inside the chalet.

Disinfection of hands at each entrance and exit.

The Chalet is open at 50% of capacity. It is allowed to eat and drink inside; the dining room of the Halte-Resto Versant Soleil is accessible. The outdoor dining area still remain available as well as the take-out menu.

The health and safety of our staff and visitors remains the priority of Les Glissades. Thanks to a dedicated team, we have implemented several measures in accordance with public health recommendations. We are making the necessary efforts to contribute to the maximum collective effort to fight the spread of Covid-19.

We ask for the collaboration of our customers to respect these directives, as well as our employees.


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