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What are your business hours?
You can find our business hours here.

What are your coordinates?
440, chemin Avila
Piedmont (Quebec) J0R 1K0
TEL: 450 224.4014
SF: 1 800 668.7951
FAX: 450 224.4947
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How to get to Les Glissades?
Our Chalet is white with a blue roof. The big faucet is at the top of our mountain.

From Montreal:

By car: Take highway 15 North to exit 58 towards Piedmont. Turn left at the stop sign on Chemin du Moulin, then continue straight ahead into our parking lot.

By public transport: Take the metro from Montreal to Montmorency (Laval). Then, take the Number 9 bus to St-Jérôme. You will need to take the Inter-Municipal bus and disembark at the ch. Avila / ch. Du Moulin stop (Piedmont).

From Ste-Agathe:

Take highway 15 South to exit 60 – St-Sauveur. Turn left on Chemin du Lac Millette. At the lights, turn left of Chemin Jean Adam and then turn right on Chemin des Hirondelles. Finally, turn left onto Chemin Avila.

From Outaouais:

Take highway 50 East and follow directions to Lachute. Continue until exit 292 North for exit 15 North to St-Jérôme. On highway 15 North, take exit 58 to Piedmont and turn left at the stop sign on Chemin du Moulin. Continue straight into our parking lot.

Ticket purchases

Do I have to buy a ticket to stay in the Chalet?
No. There is no need to buy a ticket to access the Chalet. An area for customers who aren’t sliding will also be available outside. However, it is obligatory to purchase a ticket to access the site and slide. The ticket should be properly placed on your coat so that employees can see it.

Can I purchase my tickets on site at the ticket office?
We highly recommend purchasing your tickets online. By purchasing in advance, you save! You could always purchase your ticket on site, however, you may be refused entry because the maixmum capacity on the site is reached. The rate at the ticket office differs from the online rate by $10.

Can I purchase my tickets over the phone?
No, you must purchase your tickets online.

If I purchased my tickets online, is it possible to change the date of my visit?
Yes, you have access to a link that allows you to change the date in your confirmation email. However, you must change it before or the day of your visit.

If I have purchased the Tubing Experience and want to change to the Adrenaline Experience, can I do so online?
No, but you can present yourself at the ticket office with your confirmation email and we can make the change on site.

If I purchased the Total Experience and I do not reach the required height, can I change my sliding package?
Yes, you can make the change on site at the ticket office. The Bobsleigh des neiges and the Vortex360 require a minimum height of 1.32m (52 inches). There is no need to purchase the Total Experience if you are less than 1.32 m (52 in) tall. Measure your children without their helmet on and be sure to review your selection carefully before making your final purchase!

Can I be refunded if I can no longer come? 
No, tickets are non-exchangeable, non-transferable, non-refundable. There are no refunds for tickets. However, your tickets remain valid at all times during the 2023-2024 season. We suggest changing the date before, or the day of your visit. You can do so by following the link provided in your confirmation email.

I never received my confirmation email and/or my tickets. What do I do?  
The first step is to verify that the email is not in your junk mail. If you still have not received it, you can present yourself at our ticket office with your confirmation number. If you do not have your confirmation number, we invite you to contact customer service.

I did not use my tickets last season. Are they still valid?  
Yes! As long as your tickets have never been scanned, they remain valid. You must pay the difference according to the prices in effect for the season.

Seasonal passes

I have a season pass; do I still need to book a time slot?
No, but before sliding you still must go to the automatic ticket office at the main entrance near door #5 to scan your season pass before sliding.

I have a season pass; do I have to wait in line?
No, if you have already passed the automatic ticket office you can start sliding!

How do I obtain my season pass once I have purchased it?
You must go to the Boutique on your first visit to Les Glissades. This is so we can take your photo and give you your new season pass. You must present a photo ID and the credit card used in the original purchase.

Can I purchase a season pass with a debit card on site?
We ask that you purchase your season pass online here. You may purchase a season pass on site, although there could be a delay of about 20 to 30 minutes.


My child has their season pass. Can I stay at the bottom of the slopes without a ticket?
No. To have access to the sliding area, you must have purchased a ticket. Only customers who have a ticket will have access to the slides. If you are accompanying your child and do not wish to purchase a ticket, you will have to wait in the outdoor area reserved for those who do not wish to slide. You do not need a ticket to access the Chalet this season.

Your ticket should be properly placed on your coat so that employees can see it.

Can children slide?
Yes, children accompanied by an adult have access to all slides which have no height restrictions. We recommend that children who slide be at least 18 months old. If the child, due to their size, cannot be adequately seated on the tube, the child can slide sitting on their parents’ lap on the Tube or next to them in Rafting and Tornade. Please note that the Total Experience (Bobsleigh and Vortex260) and the Avalanche/Formule 1 Zones on the Tubing side have a minimum height requirement of 1.32m (52 inches). Children who access the site and slide require a ticket.

Les Glissades attendants reserve the right to authorize or deny access to a child if the safety conditions, in their opinion, cannot be met.

Are helmets mandatory?
No, but they are strongly recommended. They are mandatory and loaned for the Bobsleigh and Vortex360 zones. It is also possible to rent one at our Boutique.

Are there less busy periods where the queues are shorter?
Note that the closing time for queues may come before the closing time for the rides. The ticket office and the boutique may close earlier, depending on traffic during the season, while the snack bar always closes 1 hour before closing time.

To avoid long lines at your favorite snow rides, plan your ride when there are less crowds. Your best choices: early in the morning or after 3 p.m. Please note that we receive school groups on weekdays. In this case, the queues normally decrease after 1 p.m. Check the schedule on our website.

A good idea is to start your day with the slides farthest from the main entrance and then work your way to the Tubing mountain. The Rafting-Tornade and Bobsleigh-Vortex360 slopes open at 10 a.m. The Bobsleigh-Vortex360 slope closes at 5 p.m.

Save time by having your lunch or dinner outside of peak hours. We will be able to serve you more quickly!

Are dogs and other animals allowed?
Dogs and other animals are not permitted on site. Only guide and assistance dogs are permitted. For more information, please see the Reduced Mobility section.

Indoor services

Will the boutique be open this winter to purchase items (mittens, hats) or to rent helmets?
Yes, our boutique will be open according to our opening hours.

Are there lockers to put my personal belongings in?
Yes. If you prefer to get rid of your personal belongings for the day, rent a locker! You will find the lockers near the Boutique. Please note that locker availability is based on a first come, first served basis. The rental fee is $1 each time you close the locker door.

Please note that Les Glissades and its staff are not responsible for thefts in the Chalet, on the site, in the parking lot and from cars. It is your personal choice if you leave valuable and personal belongings in your car.

Do we have access to the Chalet to eat, either with our own lunch or a lunch from the Halte-Resto?
You can eat and drink inside the Chalet.  The Halte-Resto offers a snack bar menu and you can bring your own lunch. Drinks, meals, and catering from external sources are not permitted.

Use the UEAT application to avoid queues. Available for the gourmet take-out boxes at La Cabane Arthur Raymond

External services

If I arrive after my time slot, will I be allowed access?
Yes, however it is important to arrive within the time slot you have chosen. We must manage the arrival of our clients according to a maximum number of people per hour in order for everyone to have a nice experience.

Note that the sliding time begins when your ticket is printed. If you wish to eat or rent helmets and goggles, we advise you to do so before having your ticket printed.

Do you have electric car chargers?

Is parking free?
Yes and it’s big!

Reduced mobility

Are dogs and other animals allowed?
Dogs and other animals are not permitted on site. Only guide and assistance dogs are permitted. For more information, please see the Reduced Mobility section. Your dog must be identifiable at all times. For security reasons, we may require the pet owner to provide the required documents attesting to their service dog or guide dog certification. Service animals are not pets or companion animals. The tasks that have been taught to the animals must be directly related to an individual’s disability (guide for the blind, alert people who are deaf, pull a wheelchair, calm a person suffering from post-traumatic stress, etc.). Animals whose only purpose is to offer comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals.

You must stay away from the slopes with your animal, in the area identified for this purpose near the Chalet, where you will be safe. A Les Glissades employee can show you this area. Under no circumstances should your animal be found on the lifts, on the sliding trails, installed on a slider and/or in a ride, or at the bottom of the trails upon arrival at the bottom once your slide is complete. A companion from your group must be available to stay with the service animal while you slide.

Service animals must be kept on a leash or harness, and under the control of their owner at all times. Individuals whose service animals demonstrate an aggressive or disruptive temperament towards a client or employee of Les Glissades will be asked to remove their animal from the site and the Chalet.

We ask owners to go to the parking lot for the relief of their pet. The owner is responsible for picking up their pet’s excrement using a bag and disposing of it properly in a trash can.

Are there any restrictions for people with reduced mobility to access the site?
Yes. The entrance to the Glissades and the Chalet include stairs. As the Chalet was built many years ago, it is not adapted for those with limited mobility. To access the site and the Chalet, we invite you to let the staff know that you are a person with reduced mobility in order to access our facilities. No wheelchair rental on site.

Can people with reduced mobility slide?
Yes, but in order to be able to board a snow ride and slide, the person must be able to maintain the appropriate position, meet the requirements of the ride and be able to use the rides in an appropriate manner as indicated, including harnesses (Vortex360) and seat belts (Tornade and Bobsleigh).

Safety at Les Glissades is a priority. For this purpose, certain customers could be refused access to some snow rides if their safety is compromised because of their weight, their height, their reduced mobility or even if sliding cannot be carried out correctly. Contact us for any specific questions.

Are there parking spaces for people with reduced mobility?
Yes. Spaces are reserved for people with reduced mobility  in the parking lot on a first-come, first-served basis. A sticker or license plate for people with reduced mobility must be displayed at all times. If the parking lot for those with reduced mobility is full when you arrive, you can be dropped off at the main entrance to the site.

Do you accept CAL and Accès 2 cards?
Yes, we accept CAL and Accès 2 cards. A barcode number, a photocopy or a photo of the card are not sufficient. Les Glissades does not authorize the purchase of tickets online with these cards. 1 free ticket is offered to 1 companion upon mandatory presentation of the CAL or Accès 2 card on site.

A companion is an individual who accompanies a person with a disability and who helps them participate fully in activities by providing them with services that are not provided by Les Glissades employees.

Photography and videos

Can use a drone on the Domaine des Pays d’en Haut site?
No. In order to guarantee the safety and enjoyment of all customers, Les Glissades prohibits the operation or use of any unmanned aerial vehicle on, from or above the Domaine des Pays d’en Haut site without specific written consent. This includes all drones, regardless of size, weight or purpose.

Can I take photos and film on the Domaine des Pays d’en Haut site?
Yes. You can take photos and videos while you enjoy the site, but Les Glissades requests that your photos or videos be used only for your personal use.

No commercial photography of any nature whatsoever is authorized without the consent of Les Glissades. You must have written authorization from Les Glissades to use photographs and/or videos for commercial distribution, advertising, marketing or publication purposes in any kind.

As soon as you enter Les Glissades du Domaine des Pays d’en Haut site, you grant Les Glissades the right to film you, record you or photograph you on the site without remuneration or consideration.