What are your business hours?
You can find our business hours here.

What are your coordinates?
440, chemin Avila
Piedmont (Quebec) J0R 1K0
TEL: 450 224.4014
SF: 1 800 668.7951
FAX: 450 224.4947
[email protected]

How to purchase ticket

Can I purchase my tickets on site at the ticket office?
We highly recommend purchasing your tickets online. You could always purchase your ticket on site, but we can refuse you because the maixmal capacity on the site is reached.

Can I purchase my tickets over the phone?
No, you must purchase your tickets online.

If I purchased my tickets online, is it possible to change the date of my visit?
Yes, you have access to a link that allows you to change the date in your confirmation email. However, you must do it before or the day of your visit.

If I have purchased the Tubing Experience and want to change to the Adrenaline Experience, can I do so online?
No, but you can present yourself at the ticket office with your confirmation email and we can make the change on site.

Can I be reimbursed if I can no longer come? 
No, tickets are non-refundable. However, your tickets remain valid at all times. We suggest changing the date before, or the day of your visit. You can do so by following the link provided in your confirmation email.

I never recieved my confirmation email and/or my tickets. What do I do?  
The first step is to verify that the email is not in your junk/spam mail. If you still have not received it, you can present yourself at our ticket office with your confirmation number. If you do not have your confirmation number, we invite you to contact customer service at [email protected].

I did not use my tickets last season. Are they still valid?  
Yes! As long as your tickets have never been scanned, they remain valid. You must pay the difference according to the prices in effect for the season.

Seasonal passes

I have a season pass; do I still need to book a time slot?
No, but you still must go to the ticket office before sliding.

I have a season pass; do I have to wait in line?
There will be a line exclusively for season pass holders to gain rapid access to the site.

How do I obtain my season pass once I have purchased it?
You must go to the Boutique during your first visit to the Glissades. This is so that we can validate your vaccine passport, take your photo, and give you your new season pass!

Can I purchase a season with a debit card on site?
We ask that you purchase your season pass online here. You may purchase a season pass on site, although it could take 20 to 30 minutes.


Please consult our Info Covid-19 page.

What are your sanitary measures?

  • Anyone with symptoms must stay at home
  • Visitors from the same household are encouraged to ride the lift together
  • Everyone on the site must respect a physical distance of one metre
  • Hand disinfection stations will be available
  • You can eat and drink inside the Chalet. The snack bar dining room is open.


My child has their season pass. Can I stay at the bottom of the slopes without a ticket?
No, to have access to the exterior and interior site, you must purchase a ticket. Only clients who have purchased tickets are allowed on the site. If you are accompanying a child and you do not wish the purchase a ticket, you must wait in the parking zone.

Can children slide?
Yes, however we recommend that the child is a minimum age of 18 months to slide in our rides. Please note that the Totale Experience (Bobsleigh and Vortex360) and the Avalanche/Formule 1 zones require a minimum of 1m32 (52 inches).

Are helmets mandatory?
No, but they are strongly recommended. They are mandatory and loaned for the Bobsleigh and Vortex360 zones. It is also possible to rent or buy a helmet at our Boutique.

Are dogs/other animals allowed?
No. Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the site. Only guide dogs and service dogs are allowed. If this is the case, your dog must be identifiable. For security reasons, we may require the owner to provide the required documents to prove their service dog or guide dog certification. You must stay away from the slopes with your dog.

Indoor services

Will the boutique be open this winter to purchase items (mittens, hats) or to rent helmets?
Yes, our boutique will be open this season, even on Sunday.

Are there lockers to put my personal belongings in?
Yes, the lockers will be available for rent this winter.

Do we have access to the Chalet to eat, either with our own lunch or a lunch from the Halte-Resto?
You can eat and drink inside the Chalet.  The Halte-Resto offers a snack bar menu and you can bring your own lunch. You cannot leave your personal belongings inside the chalet.

External services

If I arrive after my time slot, will I be allowed access?
Yes, however it is important to arrive within the time slot you have chosen. We must manage the arrival of our clients according to a maximum number of people per hour in order for everyone to have a nice experience.

Do you have electric car chargers?

Is parking free?
Yes and it is big!