How to purchase ticket

Can I buy my tickets on site?
No, all ticket purchases must be done online and you must reserve your time slot at the same time.

Can I purchase my tickets over the phone?
No, you must purchase your tickets online and reserve your time slot for your arrival.

If I purchased my tickets online, is it possible to change the date of my visit?
Yes, it is important to keep your confirmation email, because provided in the email is a link allowing you to change your day. However, you must do so no less than 24 hours before your visit.

If I have purchased the Tubing Experience and want to change my experience to the Adrenaline Experience, can I do so online?
No, we invite you to come to the ticket office anyway and we can make the change on-site and you will have to pay the difference between the two experiences.

Seasonal passes

I have a season pass; do I still need to book a time slot?
No, but you still must go to the ticket office. We will give you a ticket in the event you must do a follow up visit with Santé Publique.

I have a season pass; do I have to wait in line?
Unfortunately, yes because we must keep a register of all clients who have accessed the site during the day for Santé Publique.

I purchased a season pass online, how do I get my season pass?
You must come to the boutique so that we can take your photo and give you your new season pass.

Can I purchase a seasonal pass by paying with a debit card on site?
No, unfortunately the purchase of season passes must be made online at www.glissades.ca


Can we buy tickets if we reside in red zones?
You must follow the instructions of Santé Publique.

If I am outside do I have to wear a mask?
When you are outside, you must wear a face covering which covers your mouth and nose. This directive is mandatory for all children 3 years old and above. https://maneige.ski/saison-2020-2021/


My child has their season pass. Can I stay at the bottom of the slopes without a ticket?
To access the site, you must have purchased a ticket. Only customers who have a ticket will have access to the site. If you are accompanying your child and do not wish to purchase a ticket, you will have to wait in the parking lot or in your vehicle.

Indoor services

Will the inside store be open this winter to purchase items (mittens, hats, helmet rentals)?
If we stay in the orange zone, it will be possible to keep our store open.

Are there lockers to put my personal belongings in?
Lockers are not accessible for rental this year. Guests cannot leave their personal effects inside the chalet. You must leave everything in your vehicle.

Do we have access to the Chalet to eat, either with our own lunch or the Restaurant?
If we stay in the orange zone, it is possible to eat inside at certain designated places. You cannot bring your coolers inside with you.

External services

If I arrive after my time slot will I be able to access the site?
It is important to arrive within the time slot that you have chosen, as we have to manage the arrival of our clients according to a maximum number allowed per hour. It is obvious that we will let you access the site if you miss your time slot, but we ask you for your cooperation.